Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vacation & Restaurant Reviews: Part 3

I promised I would be back with one last review and that I saved the best for last. There is a wonderful dessert restaurant in Key West called Better Than Sex. We first discovered this treasure when we traveled to Key West for our honeymoon two years ago. It is located at 411 Petronia St. It was recently voted one of the second most romantic restaurant in the United States by Trip Advisor. It is definitely the most romantic restaurant I have visited. They keep the atmosphere sexy by using  candles provide the only light. They do provide flashlights so you can review the menu. It is a very romantic place to visit, but I think it would also be fun for a girls’ night out. I would keep the kiddies away though. One of the nights we went there, there was a group of young men, probably spring breakers enjoying themselves.

The first night we went there, my choice of libation was a glass of wine called Caramel “Over Me”. It was a sweet white Moscato in a wine glass dipped in caramel. I never would have thought of dipping a wine glass in caramel, but now I can’t wait to try it at home. I must confess to actually licking the caramel off the glass.
We decided to share a dessert and agreed on the Cookie Nookie Pie. It was a simple chocolate chip cookie filled with chocolate pockets baked into a pie.  It really was heavenly. It was served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Our second visit was to officially celebrate our anniversary and we ordered the Jungle Fever. The menu describes the dessert as “a warm chocolate brownie body Oozing a dark pudding. Rubbing up against white vanilla bean balls.” In other words a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was probably the best brownie I have ever had. We finished off the dish without any problems even though we ate dinner beforehand.

I would travel to Key West just to visit this restaurant. I really wish they would open a second location here in Jacksonville. I will just have to be content with my memories until our next visit there.




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