Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almond Joy Martini

Did everyone have a happy Thanksgiving? Mine was very hectic but filled with yummy food.  I was so busy working on  Thanksgiving recipes last week I completely missed my blogerversary.  My blog turned 1 on November 17, 2011. I decided to start a blog as an easy way to share my recipes with my family and friends. My early recipes are just short, simple and straight to the point.  The very first recipe I posted was for my Seafood Pasta Salad.  One year later and my blog is followed by people I have never met.  I feel very fortunate and thankful for everyone who reads my stories and recipes.

I thought I would celebrate by having a cocktail.  I first have to confess that I am an impulse buyer.  I have a terrible habit of buying things I don't need just because it looks delicious or cute!  The other day I was at the grocery store shopping for my weekly groceries and I came across Almond Joy coffee creamer and it wound up in my shopping cart. I don't know why, I don't drink coffee, we don't even  own a coffee maker.  So it sat in the refrigerator for a week and every time I opened the refrigerator I would look at it and feel guilty.  I finally decided to make a cocktail.  This is very similar to a White Russian and very yummy!  This recipe makes 1 big girl martini or 2 little girl martinis.


2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
2 oz Amaretto
2 oz Almond Joy Coffee Creamer
Coconut for garnish


Add coconut to a skillet and warm over medium heat.


Toast until golden brown.


I realized I didn't have a way to garnish the glass with the coconut, so I melted some Hersey kisses and dipped the glass in it.


Dip the glass in the toasted coconut.


Add amaretto, Almonds Joy Coffee Creamer and chocolate liqueur to a a cocktail shaker filled with ice.


Shake and pour into your garnished glass.  Enjoy!



laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

HOly Mother of Martinis! This looks absolutely sinful. And i love the Wicked glass!


Mommy said...

It sounds yummy for the holidays! I am totally avaiable to demolish the balance so nothing goes to waste!!!! I know, I know....I am the MOST supportive Mother!!! WHAT CAN I SAY!!! :)

LaTisha said...

Laura, It is very sinful but worth it. I love my glass I need to see Wicked again so I can have a matching pair